Better Business Manifesto

I’ve been co-founding and running digitally-focussed social businesses for fifteen years. Over the years we’ve tried to do business and technology better according to industry best practises, existing frameworks and breakthrough thinking. We’ve put these together into an ethos by which we try to run all our initiatives and invite you to join us.

Business can be a force for good

  • Shared and sustained value creation is the Universal Purpose of a Company, an alternative to traditional shareholder capitalism that has led to global inequality.
  • The circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design: an alternative to more wasteful, extractive economic models which have led us to the brink of environmental collapse.
  • Breakthrough business models, social innovation and social entrepreneurship should be encouraged and promoted, in all forms.
  • The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is the blueprint for addressing the world’s most urgent global challenges, for a more sustainable future for all.
  • Business can only achieve meaningful social change by working in partnership to tackle big, systemic problems.

Digital technology is an effective way to scale sustainable social change